The Gold Coast is a charming place. Its hospitable people, great holiday and tourist sites, cuisine and lovely weather are just a few factors that attract holidayers to the Australian coast Metropolitan. With so many visitors, the area has developed a booming accommodation industry.

This website focuses on that area- accommodation- for the benefit of both local and visiting holidayers. The content herein is meant to help readers enjoy their stay in the Gold Coast. There are various helpful articles discussed in the following categories.

The Gold Coast and Nearby

To fully understand how to best use accommodation facilities, it is essential to have an idea of the Gold Coast geography- attraction sites, how to move around and so on. This is an introductory article for that purpose.

Holiday Apartments

The site then dives straight into all matters accommodation. It outlines the factors that one should consider when looking for accommodation in the Gold Coast. Factors like cost and accessibility are discussed. This section also has a discussion on the best holiday apartments in the Gold Coast==

Facilities and Amenities==

To ensure that visitors do not miss out on the best offers, the site has a section about the various amenities that different holiday apartments offer.

Online Bookings

For a modern touch, a discussion of online booking options is also included. It touches on ways in which a holidayer can pick the best hotel. This is essential since, with this model, one does not get to see the facility beforehand.

The Gold Coast is a great holiday destination. This site wants you to enjoy it even better by offering you golden accommodation tips.